It’s hard to believe summer is almost out the door. I’m always excited to see it go. Humid buggy weather is not my favorite. And besides, the first day of fall is my day to celebrate my wedding anniversary. It is hard to imagine it’s been five years… but I’m getting off track here.

This summer I got serious about learning to sew. And for the past few weeks my spare time was spent on the cutest little girl. Well, girls.

C and Chloe

I was excited to be an official “pattern tester” for this pattern. I’ve never done anything like this before and it was fun. Anyway, the Kit, Chloe and Louise doll pattern is now available in the Wee Wonderfuls shop if you were interested!

Chloe! From Wee Wonderfuls

I think when my babysaurus is a little older and I can make up all three dolls we’ll have to have a backyard tea party and invite all our friends. How I look forward to these sorts of things.

We are coming down off a week of huge excitement (visitor related) around here.


Friday was Wonder Hubby’s birthday and I decided in my infinite wisdom to call up all his friends last minute for a surprise get together of sorts. And I finally chose a new sewing machine-a Bernina 440. I want to discuss my methods for choosing a machine because it seems that so many people want to be told this kind of info when they are out looking, as I did and was. Soon, hopefully! Thank you all for your kind words on the Lizard Ridge. I hope to get back to you.. maybe if the kiddo will go down for a nap today! As you can see above, she is quite sleepy.

The nightmare is over…

the lizard ridge

It is seamed. Now to figure out how to back it with something.

Singer 6110 came into my life well… before I was born. Singer 6110 is older than I am.

Singer 6110

Interestingly enough, Singer 6110 was purchased by my mother in 1982 in this very state. That is interesting to me because my father was in the Navy and we’ve lived quite a few places. It may not be interesting to you. I sometimes live a sheltered life.

So, Singer 6110 has been around 26 years in this family. Singer 6110 became my sewing machine officially three years ago when my mom bought a new machine. A few months ago, I finally had it serviced and sliced up some fabric into squares for some attempts at this “sewing” deal. As a side note, rotary cutters are Way. Fun.

Let’s go back for just a moment, to the days of yore when I was a young thing and my mom was Way Into Crafting, Particularly Sewing. If you had asked me I would have told you mom HATED sewing. She always cursed at her projects. She complained about never being able to sew anything straight. (As a side note, she never owned a rotary cutter until a few years ago-probably would have made it Way Fun for her then). Long story short-that All Changed when the new machine came into her life (it’s a Brother, if you wonder). And thus beings my trials with Singer 6110.

They say all machines have a personality-I would have to agree. Singer 6110 is a man. A man that jerks you around, has sudden mood swings, and anger management issues. He snarls thread. He eats fabric. He bends his needles at a whim. It has been a nightmare trying to sew anything with Singer 6110. For example, the tension was too tight. One assumes that by adjusting the tension knob a bit might help fix the problem. In fact, it does not-it Makes It Worse. Which, by Singer 6110 standards, is Improvement!

Since I’m 98% sure that I am into this Sewing thing (the growing fabric stash seems to be an indicator) but I’m not yet ready to make a sewing machine purchase of Immense Proportions, I think I’m going to be looking into a small, somewhat inexpensive model to get me through the lean months and provide enough power for all I’m able to sew at the moment-straight lines. And someday, maybe someday, I can pass on This Future Machine to my daughter safe in the knowledge that it will not bring the kind of pain to her life that Singer 6110 has wrought upon that of my mother and I.

Because most knitting these days takes place distractedly, simple projects are easy for me. The other day I got the itch for some felted bowl decorations. I turned to One Skein.


I think I knitted them too loosely, so they aren’t quite as tightly felted as I wanted. Also I didn’t use the Lamb’s Pride bulky, I used the worsted doubled. But I still heart them fiercely.


My favorite colors these days all seem to be the same-blue, pink, some orange or green thrown in. I’m reminded of a comment Michael Kors made during the Project Runway finale this year-Brady Bunch colors. Oldies are goodies, Mike. Just don’t bring back the diaper pants.

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