It’s hard to believe summer is almost out the door. I’m always excited to see it go. Humid buggy weather is not my favorite. And besides, the first day of fall is my day to celebrate my wedding anniversary. It is hard to imagine it’s been five years… but I’m getting off track here.

This summer I got serious about learning to sew. And for the past few weeks my spare time was spent on the cutest little girl. Well, girls.

C and Chloe

I was excited to be an official “pattern tester” for this pattern. I’ve never done anything like this before and it was fun. Anyway, the Kit, Chloe and Louise doll pattern is now available in the Wee Wonderfuls shop if you were interested!

Chloe! From Wee Wonderfuls

I think when my babysaurus is a little older and I can make up all three dolls we’ll have to have a backyard tea party and invite all our friends. How I look forward to these sorts of things.

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