It is what it is. My first pieced quilt top. Simple, just squares, because that was challenge enough what with the issues I had. Fact: I am not a fan of my mother’s sewing machine. Another fact: I picked up the new one today. Here’s to hoping for play time later.

If you are as suddenly obsessed with blankets and quilts as I am (and oh, I want to knit and crochet and sew just about every blanket or quilt I have seen in the last few days, it’s a sickness), you might like to poke around this nice lady’s blog. She calls it Crazy Mom Quilts because while she is a mom that quilts, she is CRAZY! She makes quilts like I used to knit socks. Which is to say many.

Also I think the babysaurus is anti blog, because every time I get a chance to sit and type and let my mind wander, she wants to eat. C’est le vie.

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