November 2007

To quote the T-saur, it has been a week. Thankfully, knitting is nothing if not therapeutic. Currently we are tackling a small pile of partial works in progress and things that have needed one end weaved in/eyes sewn on/arms attached for months now. And looking ahead to new things. As EZ herself has said, “knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises.” It can apply to non-knitting ‘crises’ too, yes?

Today we are cruising the Inspiration-Super-Highway and hearting on baby hats:


1. 100_3399, 2. HelloYarn Bonnet and Booties, 3. Boob Hat, 4. Fruit Caps

And if you like Futurama you don’t want to miss this. Or here if you are Ravelry-free. One of my faves.

This post brought to you by sock pair #15 and the letter H for horrifyingly awful odor that is beyond smelly.
It numbers the 100th posting made by yours truly here where I’ve rambled, babbled, and mostly taken pictures of knitted objects to share with the fellow knit obsessed peoples that troll the internet for this kind of thing.


The second Conwy is complete. This pattern is found in Nancy Bush’s Knitting On The Road. I finished these up last night, making the total for Socktober 3 pairs of socks. Not bad, considering the ennui I have been suffering regarding socks since first becoming pregnant.


And these will probably be the last pair that I work on consistently for myself until after the baby is born. I have thoughts of knitting a pair for Mr. rachface’s very large size 11 feet and between those and the deluge of small baby patterns that are cute (and may or may not involve the color pink) stacking up around here to knit, I’ll be busy.

Hope your Halloween was exciting. Mine involved ice cream, knitting and trying to determine what the god-awful smell currently seeping into the house from under the kitchen sink could possibly be. It’s such a mystery, I don’t even know what kind of expert to call on the subject. Good times.


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