Yo-ho, mi hearties, and happy belated Talk Like A Pirate Day. It be a favorite day of mine, arr. Twere also the day the babysaurus and I went for a check up and happily everything is perfect! I’m at 23 weeks now and can hardly believe it. I’ve enjoyed the ride so far, and it was scary and exciting all at the same time to register for the birthing class and be told my monthly check ups are going to become bi weekly after October.

And as for knits, the Baby trend continues…

Little Turtle Knits soakers

3 finished soakers, 2 size small 1 size medium from the Little Turtle Knits Original Soaker pattern.

All Cascade 220 colors, I’ll find the numbers someday when I can post a decent non overcast photo. Also, be awake for more than four consecutive hours without needing a nap.

I’m working on the LTK Flirty Skirty as well, and I can’t wait to get started on some pants. In the meantime, thinking about my fourth wedding anniversary TOMORROW, and have been pondering just what sort of gift the traditional “fruit or flowers” entails. Besides the obvious, ya know. Hubs isn’t partial to any fruit that isn’t an apple, but I feel like I should do more than flowers.

Or do we buck tradition and go with the modern day appliances? I don’t know how he’d react if I were to purchase a new washer/dryer set as an “anniversary duo”. Decisions decisions. First ones to make: What size soaker to knit next, what color combo to come up with, and what to do for dinner.

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