Oh my.

Forgive me for gratuitous stash flashing, but I just couldn’t keep this conglomeration of colors all to myself now could I?

cascade 220

Cascade 220. Not shown: Some kind of awesome blue and a Magenta WIP. Anyone know where to find a complete collection of these colors available online? The OCD is strong with this one.


Beaverslide wool Mule spun yarn in Fisherman’s Weight. I love this tweedy, thick yarn and the natural smell it has. Not shown but project appearing soon: Some kind of awesome purple and a bright green.

This wonderful spectacle of color has been assembled for one heck of a stack of baby knits. At the advice of the T, I’ve investigated the wool soaker idea. I do plan on cloth diapering my baby, and the idea that my beloved wool will benefit this process has me super excited. Couldn’t you guess?

I’ve picked out the Little Turtle Knits Original Soaker pattern, the LTK Flirty Skirty pattern, and the LTK Picky Pants. I like that the Flirty Skirty pattern is a skirt and a soaker with front loading legs that can be knit separately. I look forward to trying both styles out. Looking over the patterns initially and from what I’ve seen on the web and that R place fuels my creativity. The knitting mojo has returned full force! Or should I say, my usual OCD about knitting projects has kicked back up… and with just a little more urgency what with this nesting thing I’ve got going on.

Speaking of cloth diapers, have you seen Glampyre’s blog lately? She’s been quite busy sewing away at diapers, leaving me to wish I knew how to work a machine as the urge to create poopockets rises! Lucky for me, I have 1 mom and 2 aunts that know how to use their Singers and are willing to help. Next weekend I will be visiting the beach to obtain boxes of receiving blankets, baby wipes, quilts, and other various sewed items made with the best thing… lurrrve. Family crafting. It’s good stuff.

And speaking of the babysaurus, I’ve discovered that the stomach hiccuping I’ve been thinking was irrelevant isn’t really gas, but that popcorn popping deal that people describe when a baby starts kicking. After a marathon session this morning akin to a microwaved tin of Jiffy-Pop, I believe. And while considering that it has begun, I realized, I just could not possibly be any more blessed or happy right now. I hope you are as well, because it is an amazing feeling to be at peace with the universe.

Even more so now…I just got a phone call informing me my husband has dropped his bad cholesterol by sixty points since February this year, even after he went off all prescribed medication. His doctor is pleased, and I couldn’t be happier. I wonder what kind of crazy fattening confection I could bake up in celebration that would probably counteract this?