Like, whoa, it’s been awhile. The brief energy renewal I thought was coming around what seems like forever ago was but a farce. Between the nine famillion degree weather and all the napping, little has transpired in these parts lately. But all is well.

Previously, on the blog, there was discussion of baby knits and lace and socks and other knitty what have you. Good news? Items still on the docket. Bad news? Docket looks like this: Nap, nap, eat, nap, eat, shower, nap, report to office, nap, think about knitting, watch more CSI reruns, nap, look at knitting wistfully on the way to the kitchen for a snack, nap, consider that knitting might break us out of this summer slump we are in, nap again.

In the last month or so, I’ve worked sporadically on the Monkey-in-progress

Monkey WIP

But mostly I’ve been lurking on Ravelry. If you’ve won a golden ticket, the user name is fiberjinx. I am adding projects here and there, but mostly taking full advantage of the resources in there. I know lots of people are still waiting to get in, and I can’t wait for the day when knitters are allowed to roam the candy fields together, free to distribute yarn related information at our every whim. This is but step one in our multiple step plan to take over the universe.

And here is where we start to talk BABY. Clearly it’s been on my mind lately. We had the ultrasound a week ago and were very excited to be told we have a super healthy (kinda shy) nine ounce fetus hanging out in there.

My wee fetus, 19 weeks

We were interested in learning the sex, mostly for name reasons-we have not been able to agree on a boys name in all the days we have ever discussed names. Lucky for us, we are spared the discussion for now… the babysaurus is a girl, and that name was picked out in fifteen seconds quite some time ago.

The concept that life and its routines are soon about to be usurped by this little creature is beginning to set in. I went ahead and ordered cloth diapers, further cementing in the fact that there will be a baby in the near future. I suppose it is a little hard for me to grasp because at the moment, besides my extreme need to sleep every few hours and some food aversions, it doesn’t seem like anything is out of the norm in my body. I’m just wondering how long that might last.The nesting instinct has also been kicking on lately, and I’ve been weeding out even more stuff I don’t think we needed to donate to the thrift store. I really thought I had done well in cleaning up already (we once packed this 1600 sq ft house to the brim with what we had in a wee townhouse apartment), but the more I look around the more I see to do. Now If I could just down a can of spinach and come up with the energy to get things going…

I think I’ll stick with some knitting on the couch today instead.

New Project