First, huzzah for the ol’ blogger. I think a new facelift has been a seriously long time in coming.

Second, the socks be done, yo!

Wait, lemme see that toe action again.
Ahhhhh yeaaaaah, that’s the stuff.

Pattern: Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: 2 hanks Lorna’s Laces in “Pinstripe” (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, 215yds/57g)
Needles: Size 0 Addis, 2 circ style

Fear that stitch definition. Per Nancy’s suggestion in the book, I twisted the stitches picked up on the heel flap:
Muy bueno!
I’m a fan of Lorna’s now. The plain stockinette was plenty squooshy and soft
And the ribbing is stretchy and springy without loosing shape.
I find I’m a big fan of the long ribbing thing.
In summary: I heart these socks! Funny thing about me and socks is I have always knit them inside out and didn’t know there was a difference. Meaning, I have knit them in a counterclockwise fashion so the “right” side is inside the sock as it is knitted. I didn’t even realize the could be knit in the clockwise direction until I tried it on the second sock. Thus, the pooling is a bit different on the two.
Pooling does not bother me in the least; I am indeed a fan of handpainted yarns and believe things just are the way they are. I read somewhere that weavers of yore felt the same way. If they ran short of a color and had to dye more they didn’t let the fact that the new fiber was a shade different bother them but embraced the handmade item for the way it was.

I think more people should feel the same! Handcrafted items are to be treasured. They are your personal expression of art and interests.

Now, to wrap these up for the father-in-law.

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