So it’s the third day of November and that causes me to realize that we are just shy of two weeks until the Turkey day.
I must find a turkey!
I stopped at the library today, under the assumption that three holds were prepared for me. I had no idea the terror that waited.

I’m now officially over the check out limit, but the librarians were so nice and everything, telling me it’s kewl if I take on more than 20 items, just this once. “But bring some things back okay? And knit a good sweater.”
Oh, such a sweater it will be. And yeah I gotta get stuff back.. there’s like, 18 more holds lost in the ether somewhere between other libraries and mine.

Starsky has 2 inches left on the back and one sleeve left to go. After careful evaluation, and some of the maths, I have come to understand that we will be short on yarn. One, possibly two skeins (I really have no idea how much the collar will take. It’s 3 inches of ribbing and it goes from the bottom left all the way around to the bottom right. Then there’s the belt.) Needless to say, the yarn source has been contacted. They’re going to see if they have any of my dye lot left. It’s all subjective.I’m not too worried about it. This has been a monster of a project but I really love everything about the sweater so far, even if it is going to be somewhat largish on me (good grief, the sleeves) and the back has become so heavy that it throws off my gauge while knitting if unsupported.
But these are all things I’m willing to learn as a first time sweater knitter, for it sure won’t be the last. And after paging through a certain book the other day I’ve come to the determination that adjusting patterns to fit me will actually be an easier task than I thought possible before. It just takes the maths.
I’m digging out the calculator now.
Right after I peruse the idear of this here perfekt sweater.