August 2006

The sweater, the very first sweater to be knit by these two hands o’ mine, has begun.

We did the swatching.

And for my records:
Size 9:

Size 10:

I’m using 10.5. That swatch is not available for photo ops… I kinda sorta ripped it out.
ANYWAY. I do not let these things faze me. I am moving forward, fully expecting heartache and disaster.
It’s going to be so much fun.

The word of the day is: excitable.

This is what four hours of furious knitting gets you:

Discussion of Orlando Bloom and sex education is optional.

I just placed an insanely sick yarn order. Gods I hope the Hubs doesn’t see it before I have a chance to hide it all.
The word of the day is love. All is full of love.

Is it August already? And not only has it been August for 12 days, but I haven’t yet made some remark about how it was “just yesterday” I was sitting here, thinking of the New Year and what it entails.
They always say time flies.

1. This shit rules, the end.

2. This morning, hubs informed me we had a visitor in the yard.
As cute as I thought he was, Hubs isn’t a big fan of possibly rabid creatures living in the yard. Go figure.

3. Carbon Leaf is my current band obsession. It has been determined that all albums must be aquired.

4. Windy days? Are the best. Yay for lack of swealtering heatzor.

5. After finding a link to this at MDK, the brain started working. I’m too impatient to wait for patterns, so I took matters into my own hands.

It sweeps (swifs?) like a dream. No, you can’t see my cat hair. Thanks for the inspriation.

6. I have heartache, but it’s in the best way possible. I have the best friends known to man.

7. Warshrags? Hell yes. I’m considering renaming the blog to Cotton Addicts Anonymous.

For a cousin’s wedding gift, the Christie variety:
Fear my instarsia prowess.

And for thanks of awesomeness, the Jenny variety:
8. Did I mention I heart Carbon Leaf right now? They’re here on Monday. Free show. Same night as the Stitch and Bitch I’ve skipped the last three weeks while they were renovating our meeting place. Would probably also be the same night I’d be rolling along in fictional matters. Guh, the decisions.

9. I said I’d be learning something new every month this year. I shall compile the list. Know that neither July nor August has not been spent lightly. And September is hesitantly planned.

10. For the record, just because every radio station around here has been bought out or transformed into a country music station, it does in no way mean that everyone listens to country. It will take more than ten years of this onslaught to break this cookie.

A super, duper serially interesting read.

Oh, and the stealmonster rocks the world.

That is all.

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