June 2006

Today the rain finally went away, and the sun was out. It was gweat. And offered a great opportunity for photo shoots.

Yes, I finished, and already started another.

Somebody help me.
I also read a great article about weaving in ends. I learned a ton. And I enjoy it. Yes, I enjoy weaving in ends. I know you’ve been seeing items the last few days with ends hanging out. But that’s about to change. Cus tonight is weaving in ends night. That’s just how much fun I think it is.
Oh, I’ve lost it alright.

Three bibs down, and another on the way.

Hey, I’ll stop, just as soon as hub’s cousins stop populating the earth.

You’re right, even that couldn’t stop me. Someone please tell Ann and Kay to stop making addicting patterns. I’ve got my eyes set on warshclothes. A whole boat full of them.

It came yesterday. It was in a plain, ordinary looking brown box. “Barnes and Noble” read the side, in cheery green print. “Booksellers”, it continued below. Wrapped with half a roll of tape, one might have misconstrued this object as yet another vehicle in which piles of knititng books, magazines and other periodicals could have been brought to my door. But it was much to small for that.
No, within this box lay madness.

My very own ball winder (!!!!) has appeared, and to no greater joy than my husband’s. Really. You would think a ball winder wouldn’t be such an exciting toy. It’s the small things in life, right?
He’s cute and he winds my yarn. Sorry gals, he’s taken.

Today is Superman Saturday on the Boomerang network. Also, the mysterious billboard has been deciphered.
Between watching the coming-of stories of all the Man fo Steel’s nemeses and Clark Kent’s near brush with death, I have had my nose buried in several books. The UPSMAN brought me fun things, like this and this and this and this.

I have discovered that the only thing as great as knitting is reading about knitting. Help me, I’ve fallen down hard.
I leave you to further my education on things we might consider magic.

Despite my best efforts, and my best interests, I have made a purchase of yarn. Don’t look if you are as easily enabled as I am.

Why all this cotton, you might ask. That’s a damn good question, I might say. If you haven’t picked up Mason Dixon Knitting then you wouln’t understand. And you would be missing a book that you need to go buy. Right now. Rilly. No worries, I’ll be here when you get back.

All set? Alright, now that we have aforementioned Tome of Knowledge, I can start to enable.
I’m not sure what kind of subliminal messaging is in this book, but I have the urges to knit two of most things and hundreds of others. You’ll love it, trust me. Go peruse it at the bookstore sometime if you don’t believe me and didn’t really just run out to buy it. And when you do take the plunge, I won’t even say I told you so.

Ballband Warshclothes, Baby Bibs O Love, and Baby Genius Burp Cloth abound. Let’s just say I know some people that will be putting these to good use in the near future.

Being a novice at best, the red bib you see above was a challenge for me. I decided to do a basketweave pattern to liven up the solid color and the result was great. Until I realized I had to continue the pattern up the straps. I was nearly done with the first one when I realized that I was doing the pattern backwards. The wrong side was on the right side of the pattern, and vice versa.
It only took a few curses to get it all straightened out.
I just hope it doesn’t rub bad juju off on the kid.


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